Artwork Specifications

Approved Graphics Software:

  • Adobe Creative Suite CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6
  • Adobe Illustrator (up to CS5)
  • Corel Draw (up to X5)
  • Photoshop (up to CS5)

Approved File Formats:

  • Vector Art (Vector art, such as Illustrator files, provide superior reproduction quality and allow images to be re-sized without loss of sharpness or details).
    • EPS, AI, PDF- all files must be compatible with Illustrator or Corel Draw. Files saved in old versions of software may import incorrectly.
    • All type must be converted to paths (outlines).
    • Files with placed or linked images must contain the original image files or the images should be embedded into the document.
  • Bitmap Files
    • Acceptable file formats are: EPS, TIFF, PDF, PSD at 300 dpi
    • .
    • All files must be compatible with Photoshop CS5.

Artwork Charges:

  • Full Custom Art: $60 (G). Additional art labor for revision or changes to the initial proof $25(G) per hour.
  • Artwork Recreation: $40(G) per hour.
  • Artwork Reformatting: $20 (G) per hour.

Artwork Submission: